the solution to the end of Judasim -everyone says is the way to meet a dercent jewish male if you are ajewish femasle. i get picked up by gentile men everywhere i want no part of them . then a girlfriend calls me and say she has found america's ony free jewish dating site for jewish female who want to marry a Jewish guy i say b.s. she says go to i say you mean there is a guy in New Jersey who is on mission to save Judiasm . the intermarriage rate in the West is apraoching 90 per cent. my parents were Jewish there parents were jweewish and their parents were Jewish and now it is over intermarriag is sweeping the world well not anymore once all Jews around the world know about think superman the person who invented this site is an american jewish hero the uja should get no money for aloowing jdate to design a website when they di dnot care about Judiasm dyoing on the vine i hope all Jewish press people will read about the guy who develped the anti jdate