Daf Yomi is kicking off Pesachim starting today! Who is ready to clock this masechta out? Ill tell you who: the Bangitout.com Staff. Yes, we have joined the army of Artscroll gemara-ing, koveh ittiming, amud-quoting dafyomi snobs! We’ve decided to tap in and tap in hard to the daf for an obvious reason: so that we can have a wild siyum bonanza at the divebar which will prove to everyone for once and all that we clearly have no clue how to internalize or learn gemara.
Eitherway – this is supposedly THE masechta to do daf yomi on (although that might just be another daf sales pitch – you should’ve heard the one about Horiyos)- but we figured it might be cool if eveyone around the Jewish web was tapping into just this masechta all at once – and perhaps we could even have a few nights of “celebrity” chime ins where kings of the webdaf (shemayisrael, shaspod, dafyomi.org thelivingtree , e-daf YUtorah.org Daf etc.) can give us some insights into how little we know about Hashem’s wisdom. Anyhoo – if we are doin it, then maybe so can you. We will be banging out “Daf Gems”, so if you can’t stand getting the schar, we’ll make sure you get the laughs. Let us know if you are in, that way we know that someone is getting our insane aggadata one liners.