Hello.  You are about to have dinner with 10 random Jewish people.

But here’s the thing.  They aren’t all that random.

5 of the opposite sex have been handpicked for you to date.

They want to meet you and you want to meet them….hopefully – that is – if you can accept the

A. randomness
B. competition

but with 10 people there’s someone for everyone, and best of all – everyone gets kosher dinner.


JustTen.org  is kicking of creating shabbos Meals for Jewish Orthodox Singles who click.

Basically these guys ensure that you meet (and eat ) with people who match what you’re looking for.

Using a bit of software magic and a team of volunteers, Just Ten arranges Shabbos Meals for matching singles in groups of 10.

How doe s it work:

1. Sign up here  JustTen.org

2. When there is a group of 10 matching singles in the same area who have not met through Just Ten before, a shabbos meal is set.  (Software + Volunteers do the mixing and matching)

3. . You are given a location and time. You show up.  You wed. The End.

Right now this is volunteer-based  initiative and so the more people signing up, the more meals  – GET ON IT PEOPLE – gotta try something new!