Props: 1 “whip”, 1 jug, Monopoly money, toy frogs, “Next Day” sign, plastic bugs, necklace, fake food

EGYPTIAN: Now, after you're done building my summer house, I need my barley field harvested, and then you can scrub down the kitchen and dining room, we've got company coming. Got that? (cracks whip) Oh, and the holy sheep need to be fed, too.

JEW 1: Yes, Master.

EGYPTIAN: And make sure to have dinner ready by six, too, or else there will be extra pyramid duty tomorrow.

JEW 1: Of course.

EGYPTIAN: And your wife's near her due date, right? Remember, if it's a boy it needs to be thrown in the Nile. (leaves)

(JEW 1 works for a while. JEW 2 then comes running over)

JEW 2: Yechezkel, did you hear?

JEW 1: Hear what?

JEW 2: The river! It's turned to blood!

JEW 1: Yuck. Oh, look, the Master's back. Quick, let's get back to work.

(They start working again, and JEW 1 takes a sip from his jug)

EGYPTIAN: What's that?

JEW 1: Water, Master. What does it look like?

EGYPTIAN: But there's no water left anywhere! It's all turned to blood! (stares at the jug for a moment) And I'm getting really thirsty