A Tale of Two Card Collectors:
REBBE Cards and the new Fleer Jewish Major League Cards steipler
jewish baseball cards
Who didn’t collect gedolim cards and Topps baseball cards as a kid?….Either way, this Jewish Fleer set blows my mind… I wish it existed when I was in Jewish day school…there would have been some awesome trades going down ( “I’ll give you my Kent Tekulve rookie and some Stella Dorro cookies for your Sean Green Jewish card)

Few additional remarkable things to remark here: 1. Get this, both card sets are now on the official Library of Congress’s LIST of items that capture Jewish life in America. (btw, you must check this list out, it is as random as a kosher restaraunt menu)

2. 2.5 million rebbe cards have been sold! Are you freaking kidding me? I thought I was the only one to have obsessed over finding the Chazon Ish’s rookie card!

3. Decent gedolim factoids can be banged out here .. (BTW: When the heck did these cards get color?)

One last note: speaking of cards… THIS is a good laugh, and as absurd and shady as cards get.