It’s been a while since we did this shindig, so why not do something to celebrate the hippiest and greenest Jewish Holiday, TU B’SHVAT!
Join hundreds of unseedy Jewish singles looking to get fruitful and ring in the birthday of the trees @ Yotel Green Fig* Green Room *(note perfectly synergized venue name)

Here is what to expect:

  • Frolicking free-spirited Jews who would’ve loved to have been at Burnining Man, but y’know… have hygene standards.
  • Epic Tu B’Shvat 7 Species cocktails especially prepared by Green Fig mixologists for this event ONLY! Yay Israelis
  • Discovering your Israeli tree-hugging, tribal “roots” on the Green Room dance floor. DJ WILL ROCK
  • Green Fig Eco-Lounge where you can talk, chill, enjoy the fruit buffet in the comforts of a heated patio, escaping the cold winter (and tribal dancers). Hey, you might even score a date…or a fig.
  • Meeting a load of beautiful yiddim wearing white, who confused this party with Tubav
  • Fruitopia Photo Booth – “Green” Screen Lip Synch Battles – Giveaways and Prizes
  • Actual celebration of an ancient Jewish festival recognizing the miracle of nature’s annual cycle, complete with trees everywhere, heat lamps, kosher nos, and…did we mention the place is called GREEN FIG!
  • % of proceed will go to fund ISRAELI Tree replanting in the areas burned down near Haifa last year!! woohoo
  • $20online early bird gets you admission and a free Tu B’Shvat Cocktail (GET THIS NOW! LIMITED to frist 200 people)
  • $25 after Feb 1
  • $30 after Feb 10th
  • $40 at the door (DONT BE THAT GUY!)