In a world where it seems every second a new social innovation site seems to pop up, the social meetup site GrubWith.Us has a new novel idea:  Meet new people while enjoying a damn good meal around your hood.

The site launched in Chicago and has taken off – amongst the goyim.  Now GrubWith.Us has launched it's NY site and is starting to take over heebs hotspots: Kosher Restaurants.  The new Jewish dating is suddenly no longer online, but in person, while, scarfing down some awesome Kosher appetizers.  GrubWith.Us has even identified their kosher meetups with a big OU sign, for “Kosher Grubbers“. hahaha.

Here's how it works:  You go to the site, you sign up for a scheduled group meal and you show up and meet about 8-15 people for dinner.

The kicker is, even if you aren't intersted in anyone there – you'll enjoy a great meal no doubt, that they can guarantee.

Here is the link for the first Kosher Grubber Meetup:

Bang it out and let us know how easy it is to meet people when you are already sitting down for something like a family Rosh Hashana dinner!