The CAMEO App has been killing it throughout the Corona Quarantine – getting a minor celeb to wish you a Happy Anniversary, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah is a huge win for any type of gifting…

Now a Jewified version of the app has launched called where you can get Jewish Community influencers thought leaders celebs from around the world to give you a personalized message. Probably excellent for 2021 Jewish Organizational Events… The site seems largely fueled by Chabad-world celebs but will likely expand in the coming months to the go-to site for Jew-to-Jew cameo videos. In addition the site also offers the abilty to have a zoom call with one of these celebs and Thinkers, which could potentially change the whole idea of “meeting with a rebbe” … we’re excited to see how it works!

Meir Kay, Instagram Celeb

Gad Elbaz, Singing sensation

Tamir Goodman, Jewish Jordan

Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock God

Yonina, Israeli singing couple

Simon Jacobson, Chabad’s Wise Scholar

Yid with a Sign, Instagram Comedian

You can check it out here: