If you find you ask yourself questions like “Were Moshe Rabbenu and Jesus in the same class?” “Did the Baal Shem Tov live before or after the Jews left Eygpt”, “Did Rashi comment on Shakespeare” chances are you may have no grasp of time, historically speaking.

Well, for all you MFA studying, Classics majoring, Jewish history buffing, hipster philosiphizing peeps, Dave Fass, Philly born base playing, computer programmin', Ezra Fass brotherin', who enjoys his doctorate and dunkin donuts, has come up with a simple yet fascinating website that visually displays what was written when.

Jewishly and Non-Jewishly speaking.  

Appropriately dubbed, the Jewishintellectualtimeline.com maps out when Jewish events and books were written and what non-Jewish intellectual  works were written at the same time. 

Who knew  the Book of Isaiah  was written at the same time as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey or that the Magna Carta came out the same time as Sefer Chassidim. Could there be connections?This brings context to us students/morons, who sometimes need to take a step back and see the bigger picture (or table, timeline, chart, anything but basic texts). Your guide to becoming the know-it-all you've never wanted to be.  

To be honest I havent heard of most of these works on the Jewish and secular side. But as an added bonus, most of the titles are wikipedia-ed up for your info-seeking enjoyment — many Jewish entries are by Wiki Master, and timelining author Dave Fass himself.

Enjoy: http://jewishintellectualtimeline.com/