Rumor has it that LEE Beinstock , another all-star Jewish contestant on The Apprentice, actually went to HAFTR! We’ll see if he has what it takes to become the first Jewish Apprentice! Lee Beinstock and Dan Brody might have to skip the lobster dinners and have a little chavrusa in Jewish business ethics.

Although, you can’t say we haven’t had enough Jewish representation on this reality show:
Check out all the other all-star yids who got the singature “ya-fired!” from THE DONALD
Lee APprentice
Alla Wartenberg
Adam Israelov
Brian Mandelbaum
Andy Litinsky
Stacy Rotner
Danny Kastner
Brad Cohen
Heidi Bressler
David Gould
Sam Solovey

naturally…The Donald’s right hand rebbe – George Ross