SOME JEWISH REACTIONS TO THE “DEFLATE-GATE” SCANDAL OF THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS FOOTBALL TEAM 1. This whole mess has DEFLATED Jewish interest in the Super Bowl. I’d rather be studying Torah! 2. I knew by the end of the game that the Indianapolis Colts would be as fatigued as from a long walk to shul during the closing hours of Yom Kippur…but DEFLATED too? 3. As this scandal expands, it could grow into a giant SuperBowl…er…soup bowl of Mishmash. 4. We need to get current Chabadnik and former NFL player Alan Veingrad on this case. 5. We Jews know about DEFLATED egos…but footballs? 6. DEFLATED? Some thought they were talking about De Fliegl – kosher butchers are skimping on chicken wings these days and folks planning Superbowl parties are worried. 7. NOW WE KNOW why Jews have been forbidden to associate with pigskin. 8. If only my ‘balloon mortgage” would DEFLATE, I could afford day school tuition as well as send the kids to summer camp. 9. Who hasn’t remarked, “these (matzah) balls are DEFLATED”, when visiting a less than accomplished cook for Shabbat dinner? 10. Married to the gorgeous shiksa Gisele Bundchen, even Tom Brady might have DEFLATED balls. (submitted by in West Bloomfield, MI)