For those interested in traveling over the New Years (and, chas vchalilah, missing out on the awesome Bangitout New Years Bash) you might wanna know that a new Kosher Restaurant has just openened up for all of you freespiritied kosher jtrippers -well it's a deli, and get this – it is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Yes, it is true… Now you might be thinking – awesome – finally – a kosher luau !!!  (and you definitely gotta get really creative with the  roast suckling pig – which reminds me a lot of this joke)  anyway think again. Honolulu welcomed a new kosher deli with the same ole' deli sandwiches, steaks, burgers & fries, falafel and salads. Either way it is kickass news for us travelers.

Oh, and they claim to have the “Best knishes for thousands of miles in any direction.”   

“Best” or “Only?”

Anyhoo this place rocks and anyone heading in the direction of Pearl Harbor should 100% tap in and try to support this awesome establishment: (naturally, they cater too) check it here: