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(Miami) – Lynne Spears, mother of troubled pop-star Britney Spears and pregnant 16year old JamieLynne Spears, has joined local Orthodox rabbis in warning about the high risk behaviors of some students who spend the so-called yeshiva week vacation in Florida, Bangitout News Desk reports.

“Britney and Jamie Lynne went down for Yeshiva Week and came back a completely different people” warned Spears, who thought the idea of her daughters spending the week among teenage Jewish students would be beneficial for her children to meet with other wealthy, spoiled teens who also think they are the center of the universe.

In advance of yeshiva week, Mrs. Spears sent an e-mail to Teaneckshuls and other synagogue families urging them not to send their children to Florida unsupervised, or atleast without a group of bodyguards.

“In past years, I have heard there has been activity which has been unbecoming of Orthodox Jews, involving abuse of alcohol, drug use, and promiscuous behavior. As you can see from my daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn, there have been very tragic results,” wrote Spears.

“I don't want to sound negative,” Spears told reporters “But in a one week at the Eden Roc, Britney is now delusional, suicidal, hospitalized, dating a paparazzi boyfriend, stopped wearing her underpants, and Jamie Lynn is now a pregnant teen- and worst of all,” admitted Spears, with tears in her eyes, “neither of them will eat in my kitchen anymore.”