– Tacos for Noah

After reading the eulogies of the youngest SandyHook victim Noah Pozner’s mother and uncle, it was clear that the food he loved most was tacos.As his mother Veronique Pozner so movingly stated: 

Most of all, I will miss your visions of your future. You wanted to be a doctor, a soldier, a taco factory manager. It was your favorite food, and no doubt you wanted to ensure that the world kept producing tacos.

Noah’s Uncle, Alexis Haller echoed the same sentiment:

Noah was a wonderful son and a loving brother. He was kind, caring, smart, funny, and sometimes even a little mischievous. He liked to tell his sisters that he worked in a taco factory; when they asked him how he got to work, he would give them a funny look as if to say he knew something that they didn’t.

So it became clear to me that this kid loved tacos. When I think about Ayelet, she loved Straws and stickers more than anything. 

And for some reason his picture was stuck to me, like Ayelet’s. His mischievous smirk. If only we could continue Noah’s dream for him in a positive way to show how much life this little kid had.   

So in a late night brainstorm with my digital coworkers we can up with this site idea.Tacos for Noah – A site to make your own virtual taco for and add your special ingredient (guac, cheese, fish) or prayer (world peace, love) to remember this ‘little man’, as he was called by his mom. To virtually create his Taco Factory. His future. 

If you get a moment, try it out. Why not put our energies to others in need? Right? Everything I learned about tragedy is about ‘the response’. The reaction.   

And while it will take time, we can bounce back to be better – and so this is my first start at helping remembering this ‘little man’ with the big soul, and mexicali palette, with pure positivity – just like another precious soul we we all hold close to our hearts. 

So now my wizard of oz mantra is: “Tacos, Stickers and Straws. OH MY!”