No matter who won the debate the other night, pulled off a major coup today in Pennsylvania at the Mccain Rally.  John Mccain and his wife, yes Cindy, snagged a coveted MAVERICK MCCIPAH from a Jewish Republican fan to pose for a pic!   Honestly, that sounds pretty darn maverick if you ask us…

check it out here, this might as well be a spoof picture it is so awesome….


Today, Senator John McCain attended a rally in Downington Pennsylvania. At some point in middle of the festivities, the Republican candidate was presented with a Cindy McCippah. McCain was so impressed by the pink McCippah that he called over his wife Cindy to show her the maverick Yarmulke.

McCain also asked my friend Judy Davidson if “Joe” had seen the Kippah yet. Joe Lieberman. Not Joe plumber. Judy told him that Lieberman has the blue McCippah! Hopefully, Hadassah gave Joe the blue McCippah! “

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