And it was in the days of King Bush II, who ruled over 50 states and 4 territories, from the gulf of Mexico to the golf course. And he threw a party of 7 years in Afghanistan & Iraq. And it was in the year 2008 a successor was sought to fill his lazy boy. And there was in the United States an evil party, that sought to destroy America from within, the Socialist party of America. They first nominated to the position the evil queen Hillary, disgraced wife of King Bill, daughter of royalty & hater of free trade. But there arose an anonymous hero, Captain America, who dug up dirt, stones & cement to reveal to the press the true size of her bank account. And a sigh of relief came to pass from the American people. But it was a short relief, for in her stead the socialist party attempted to anoint a more evil person, someone dedicated to the party ideals to destruct & destroy, his American alias: Barack Hussein Osama (reader stop here for kids to make noise) Father of 10 terrorist cells, from Iraq to the twin towers and the pentagon. With intentions to bomb America back to the dark ages. But Captain America captured a terrorist on Guam and secretly tortured him in a CIA (Chabad Is America) safe house, Code Named: Chabad House, and discovered that Osama (chabad does not make noise when partial names is said) was the leader & financial backer. And the American people were in sorrow. And it was declared that November 4th be a day of voting, and the people were urged to show up by the polls in strong numbers and cast their ballot. And it came to pass that Americas voice was heard, Barak Hussein Osama Bin Laden (make noise here) & his ten cells were hung from flagpoles. And there was joy and beer in Washington.