In an effort to force myself to actually look at the parsha and cull it down to a single visual expression, I thought about this genre of posters online called Minimalist Movie Posters that I absolutely adore. They take movies, skip the hollywood version, and distill the idea down to a simple thought, in a retro kinda way. And some are so clever (see Usual Suspects, BIG etc ). Why cant I do that for the Parsha like we did with the Torah on One Foot parsha summaries?

Here is my first. Be kind, as I am not really a designer by trade, but something about these posters move me.

In this first one, Parshas Vayera, I sorta skip the elephant in the room of the Akeida and go to a simpler thought…. Lot’s Salty wife. Or at least of what is left of her.

Hoping this turns into a series of posters – like that of Hillel Smith’s incredible Parsha Poster series here.