One of the most awesome and insane reality shows from Comic Book Legend STAN LEE starts its second season tonight with one huge Jewish bang:

Ladies and Gentleman we give you MR. MITZVAH.

Potentially this has the ability to be greatest kiddush/(or chillul) Hashem of TV all time.  Either way , we are beyond psyched for this Jewish superheros reality TV debut  – as it goes without saying that ever since pre-nursery every Jewish kid I know has a vision of the moshiach being some form of superhero.  Could this potentially be that dream?  Maybe. He definitely has the Jewishenss strapped on his suite, but what I also like about this is that unquestionably Mister Mitzvah needs to angle himself to be concerned with all human suffering and not  just Jewish problems.  I'm quite sure he'll take that angle, if he doesn't no question his fellow yid tv host/judge Stan Lee will have him eliminated – which involves turning in his super costume(which btw has no tzitzit on it like say – these guys. )    So kiddush hashem is certainly a huge possibility. Guess you need to watch and see if Mister Mitzvah makes it all the way to the finals – if he does – this guy might have another chapter to add.  Perhaps he may be the vision of the moshiach we've always dreamed of and maybe our galus will end on a reality show!  The Tribe has spoken!