The New York Times covers another awesome kiddush hashem at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls on Long Island, who take an hour out every day to Stop Speaking GOSSIP.  Pretty Kickass.

Not Speaking Gossip is really a part of Jewish Law and Morals that certainly hasn't caught on in the secular world, at least not in the office space.  I mean trashing people at the water cooler is an expected part of Corporate America…and for a religious Jew it's almost shocking to hear people say things about others without any qualms that it might actually be wrong.

Sounds like this cute morning no-gossip hour should be instituted across companies nationwide, people might trust one another much much more, if they know they aren't being trounced on the minute they leave the room.

Great article check it out HERE 

(hat tip to NCB for the headsup on this one)