The New York Times Magazine's Food Issue Features a many scrumptous articles, one in which is oddly dubbed  “The Kosher Wars”

Samantha M. Shapiro writes the exact same meaty article that has been published by hundreds of papers over the course of the last few months in light of the Rubashkin Scandal, but she does it from a completely different perspective. A positive one.

Rather than harping on all the evil/negative/chillul hashems (and there are many), and making kosher observant, and specifically the meat-eaters feel like murderous gluttonous imoral pigs, she focuses in on those few who love steak, but are putting a steak in the ground  – trying to make a change in the kosher world one chicken at a time. Very real life for us just trying to do good and  more importantly very accurate.

2 thumbs up for this one Samatha/NY Times.

Check it out, Chovevei Torah's Andy Kastner (above), Agudah's Shafran, Actor Ex KOE celeb Simon Feil, and many more are featured.