The facts:

WHAT: The NYC TUBISHVAT PARTY.    (tickets here
WHEN: Saturday Night, February 11th 9pm to 2am,
WHERE at YOTEL’s  Green Fig Lounge & Green Room Dance Hall.
COST:  $25, comes with a Pomegranate Cocktail (kosher), and if you are there early enough Free TuBishValentine’s Suglasses, Glow Sticks, Fruit Stickers and candy. Plus a portion of proceeds to JNF/Haifa Tree Relief.  (prices go up at the door! hurry)
We have 200 signed up so far!


Q What the hell do I want to go to so some club for??
A.  Normally we’d think to meet creepy guys and drunk girls, but we know that’s not you. And this ain’t that kinda place  – we rented the entire bar out for you lovers of obscure Jewish holidays that have something to do with fruit trees. Yes, the entire thing for the Tribe. So all the creeps and lushes will be of the Tubishvatin’ kind. Everyone there will love trees, Hashem and eco-celebrating with you.

Q Will this be loud and annoying?  
A: There are two big areas to the Yotel set up: 1. a chill beautiful jungle lounge bar with middle eastern couches, tropical trees and a relaxing bar with hot Israeli bar tenders and waitresses (Green Fig is 100% Israeli owned and operated, chabibis!) – so neither loud or annoying. 2. A dance hall with stage lip synch battle, dancing, and all the Tubishvat fruit you can eat – might be loud, but it’ll be fun as all hell – and no, not annoying at all.

Q. Will this be jammed with nerdy weird Jews who’ve been all up in my Jswipe grill?
A. Um, hopefully not. There will be a photobooth, though, so 1. take hysterical photos with TuBishvat/Valentine’s props,  friends, and hot new acquaintances  2. hide from that weird person you accidentally swiped right for. We will be doing our best to help you “branch” out  & meet someone new.

Q. What should I expect to happen when I get there?
A.   1. You will get a free pomegranate drink (if you get a ticket online only).
2. You will hit the Green Fig Lounge, hop on couch, people watch, drink, fall in love, stalk the person, then order another pomegranate drink.
3. You will check out the GREEN ROOM dance hall. You will get a glow stick, you will hop on stage and do some lip synching, you will wonder why the DJ is wearing a FRUIT OF THE LOOM fruit costume, you will then proceed to make out with the DJ.
4. You will try out the photobooth and get a Fruit Match sticker game card, where you just need to find your bashert using our fruit stickers.
5. You will hit the outside terrace to see the forrest of skyscrapers, freeze you butt off, then go back inside realizing it was not a good idea to go outside.
6. You will fall in love with some hippie person with glow in the dark eyes and a passion for gematria and shakshuka.
7. You will meander into the Green Fig dining lounge and people watch some more.
8. You will finally find that damn person with the same fruit sticker as you.
9. You will call us when you are engaged.
10. You will have the night of your life and part of your ticket proceeds goes to the Haifa tree replanting! yay Tu Bishvat heegeeyah!


Here’s a load of images – let us know which one you like most in the comments section: