Pace University Hillel was warned by the school's deans not to show “Obsession”, a critically acclaimed documentary about radical Islam, citing last year's on-campus swastika/n-word/ 'korans in toilets' incidents that they do not want to see startup again. Apparently the Pace deans were not so nice about how they told Hillel to shut down the documentary…NY Post Reports. 

As an added note, back in November 2006, the Democracy Project posted this email from Pace University Hillel President about how the ban on the movie started last year in November and how the Pace Deans reacted towards him. Pretty insane:

I am going to describe two situations that occurred in our school were students rights were suppressed. The first one was with the film “Obsession” and the second is with students who got arrested for a peaceful protest.

1) I am President of “Hillel”, a Jewish club at Pace University. Part of our “Judaism awareness week” (week long full of events relating to Judaism- Nov 13