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LOS ANGELES–Mahmoud Youngman, a 23-year-old Palestinian entertainer who claims to be related to the late comedian Henny Youngman, received a poor reception in his American debut at a Los Angeles comedy club this week.

       “He really bombed,” said club owner Jack Mehoff. “He died on stage.”

       Youngman, who has a rapid, machine gun-fire delivery, denies that his performance was a failure.

       “I killed,” he claimed after his 10 o'clock show on Thursday night. “The audience was dying of laughter. I had them in stitches.”

        Many club patrons disagreed.

       “He stank,” said Lane D. Parsha, a tourist who was in the audience. “All the guy kept saying was, 'Take my life, please.'”

       Mehoff said he had no plans to bring back the comedian for future club dates.


      “To have him return would be suicide for me,” Mehoff said.