This was a hit at our seder this year from the SEDER SIDEKICK:   Split the table into two teams and have a blast trying to answer:


passover family feud

Name Something People Consider A Strictly Passover Food

1. Matza

2. Marror

3. Haroset

4. Macaroons

5. Saltwater

Name your favorite leavened food:

1. Pizza

2. Bagels

3. Challah

4. Pasta

5. Noodle Kugel

Name something that is associated with Egypt

1. The Pyramids

2. The Nile

3. Cleopatra

4. The Bengals

Name Something a Kid In School Could Do That Would Get Him Labeled As A “Wise Son”

1. Wear Nerdy Glasses

2. Get “A”s

3. Does his homework at home

4. Knows the brachot on food

Name something you’d probably associate with being a slave:

1. Chains /Shackles / Cuffs

2. Back Breaking Labor

3. Having a Task Masters

4. No pay

Name a person who is mentioned in the Hagadah:

1. Pharoah

2. Rabbi Akiva

3. Elijah

4. Lavan the Aramean

5. Abraham

6. 4 Sons

7. Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya

Name an Animal mentioned in the Seder:

1. Frogs

2. Goat

3. Lice

4. Wild Animals

5. Locusts

Name Something People Buy to Show They have Made It! Aka. Free

1. Big House

2.Fancy Car

3. Expensive Watch

4. Nice Shoes

5. Vacation Home

Name a Jewish gathering you go to where you talk more than you eat:

1. Passover Seder

2. Shiva/Funeral

3. Kiddush Club