Before the seder is here, remember pets are people in your seder too!  Let’s not allow them to be included in the wild animals and let’s add them to the story of redemption by making them wear Passover inspired pet friendly digs.


Nippy wore her matzah hat because she feared she wouldnt be given the proper kizayis of matzah

Shmuley has been pushing his wine and soup mix combo but the younger generation doesn’t appreciate the Seder classics

Puffy goes head first into matzah leaning

Chezky has a macaroon addiction.

Suri takes the idea of Batya, Pharoah’s Daughter, very seriously

Driedel always felt weird around the Passover time

Misty doesn’t take chances – she like machine made shmurah matzah – no human intervention.

After years of leading the seder, Shadow is going to just sit back and watch the younger generation ruin the event

Baruch has an ego when it comes to the 4 sons

If there is someone that doesnt hold by gerubrux, it’s Lady

Dusty knows his role, search search search.

Rabbi Rosenwoof only wishes his father was here to sing the manishtana in yiddish

Daisy knows her assimiliated kids wont remember the seder so she wears it on her sleeve

Egor add his own custom of bananas to the classic charoses