Let me begin by saying that Pieces of April is (to my mind and without much competition) the best Thanksgiving movie of all time. Taking the time out of your busy life to see this film (preferably with a loved one) will not only allow you to feast on a rich, involving family drama, but you will be touched to your core and come away, at least for the moment, a fuller human being. I don't know how much more I can sell this movie without getting a cut from the studio, but I can't stress enough the grace and beauty of Peter Hedges' haunting picture about a misfit, estranged daughter April (Katie Holmes) giving her quirky, but sooo real, family one last chance and vice versa on a New York Thanksgiving day.

We actually get two complimentary films -one of a suburban family making their way with much trepidation to their eldest girl who has terrorized them in the past, and the other, a film about April who makes a Thanksgiving dinner with the assistance of a random crew of neighbors after her oven breaks on the fateful day itself