• He is 6-4″ and has a full head of hair 
  • He graduated outstanding student/athlete from West Point
  • He was Captain of the ARMY Football team – yes, Football
  • He served as a Platoon leader in Iraq
  • Now he is in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED as the Army’s WEST POINT poster boy!

Oh, and last but not least – he is a Proud YID! (Camp Ramah Alumn for all you Ramah fanatics!)

Mr. Neil Ravitz is that Jewish, real-life GI JOE cartoon character that we all dreamed about being as kids. He is living the dream (on that note:  Which GI JOE character, if any, were Jewish? Any chance Lady Jaye had a bat mitzvah?) 

Neil simply kicks ass  – as an American and as a proud Jew.  Oh asides from being featured in SI, he’s now an analyst at a global consulting firm.  Does it get any better?  Yes it does. The Army 1rst Leiutenant – who now is a captain in the PA Army National Guard  – is in our National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame… sorry, for all you ladies out there –  Neil is married with a daugther.  If you wanna get in touch with Neil and talk about the Army, fighting in Iraq,  College Football or GI JOE – post comments here… YO JOE!