Not even sure where to start on this email… but it basically captures so much of everything 

On May 24th (last week Sunday) at 7:45 pm,two men and ayoung married couple ate dinner at the Prime Grill in Manhattan (a Kosher and Jewish-owned restaurant). During the meal, they were eager to order many items – like money was no object, their waiter described. One gentleman happily ordered the rack of lamb for two, just for his own entree.

        At the end of the meal, the married couple casually strolled out, leaving the two other gentlemen still sitting at the table. The check rested in the middle of the table. After a few minutes, they handed the check back to the waiter. Upon opening the check presenter, the waiter discovered a personal check had been written for their meal. As with many restaurants throughout New York City, The Prime Grill does not accept personal checks. The waiter thus immediately brought this to the manager of the restaurant's attention. the manager told the waiter that he had not approved this and that he must request an alternate form of payment, which he then did.

        After this, the two men then approached the manager at the bar, asking whythey don't accept personal checks. the manager informed them that this was their policy and that this is a standard in the industry. They were very persistent and demanding that they pay by personal check. We do it all the time, at all the kosher restaurants in the city. No one ever argues with us, he said. the manager told them that they only accept charge cards or cash, and that surely they must have something. They said they had no credit cards. they were informed of an ATM at the corner, to which they replied that they had no banking card for their account. So despite carrying wallets that were packed full (one of the gentleman was holding his in his hand), they were insisting on paying by a personal check that bared the name Joel Klein as the account holder.

        After much discussion between the two of them, they finally announced that one of them would be going to the ATM. the manager asked the other to remain at the restaurant until he returned. The manager remained with him for a couple of minutes, but went outside to speak to another table. Their waiter watched the gentleman after that. The man began a conversation on his cell phone and began to walk outside. The waiter promptly followed him out and continued to monitor.Then suddenly, a late model black SUV pulls up (they believe it was a Ford Explorer). He quickly hops in the back seat and they take off down 49th street towards Madison Ave

        The manager immediately began running after the vehicle to try and get the license plate numbers. They were stopped in the left lane at Madison Ave because of a red light. Seeing the manager run towards them, they proceeded to make a RIGHT onto Madison Ave, despite the red light as well as crossing over traffic. The license plate lights were very dim, making the numbers hard to discern, butthey believe the first 3 letters to be DEL. It was a New York license plate. A police report has been filed and security camera footage has been analyzed.

        Please see the pictures attached of the 4 people. ThePrime Grill was given a psak by 2 Rabbonim, who saidthat this is not considered being moser on these people, but rather every effort should be made to ensure they are caught. To prevent this from happening again to them, and to any other restaurant, the Prime Grill is offering a free dinner for two, to anyone who can identify the people in the attached pictures, that leads to their apprehension.

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, forward this to all your lists.


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