#1 Torah Speaker Rabbi Yissoschar Frand shlita (yes, if he had a tv show it’d be titled Everyone Loves Yissoschar) paid a visit tonight to a standing room only crowd at the West Side Kollel. His topic: Happiness. Here are the abridged takeways for those of you who couldn’t bang this one out:

  • “Happiness” (simcha) should NOT be defined as ”Fun” or “Pleasure”.  “Happiness” is NOT defined as the state of “bliss” 
  • Maharal #1: real Happiness is doing anything that touches your soul
  • Rambam: Pesach seder is just a Simchat Stomach if you don’t make it an act that touches your soul (e.g., inviting othere less fortunate to your table)
  • Marahal #2: true Happiness is having a true sense of Shlaymus (completeness) (Jerry Maguire Style)
  • Rabbi Frand’s suggestions for happiness:
    • Connecting yourself to Hashem in any way
    • Concentrate on what you have – don’t take anything for granted –  and be grateful
    • Grateful people are happy people
    • Ungrateful people are unhappy people
    • High Expectations lead one to be ungrateful which leads to unhappiness
  • Declaration of Independence this Pesach really should be: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of shlaymus” – feeling of completeness, which leads to gratefulness for everything – which leads to happiness.

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