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Passaic NJ – A former Chief Rabbi of Israel turned Meridian Capital mortgage broker blamed the current collapse of the subprime  mortgage market on the slowly declining marriage market.   Rabbi Bin Laidoff spoke in front of a group of failed mortgage investors and shadchunim at the annual House/Wife Conference held this week in Passaic, NJ.
“The Shidduch crisis starts at home and therefore affects the home”, said the rabbi in his keynote speech. “Girls are being taken on dates to places that would be considered SubPrime Grill!”
Because singles are getting married later, Jewish people are just not buying houses. And the rate of divorce and broken engagments are on the rise.
“Supporting disengagements is the cause of everything bad in the world” ended the rabbi. “If we support disengagement we only further the problems of building a 2 bedroom/3 bath bayis neman b'yisroel.”