If you haven't heard of her yet, say hello to Regina Spektor (she says hi back)

Anyhoo, this nyc Jewish relgious fantastic singer/song writer is all over MTV now  – actually all her videos can be seen here

She is without a doubt one of the most creative, insane, unconventional and talented performers we've heard in a long time…and yes we are obsessed with her.

If you listen to women singers, she is a must have on your ipod… (yes she'll probably show up somewhere between the Redhotchilipeppers and REM)

She's getting serious airtime now after touring with the STROKES and you can catch her live show at Town Hall Sept 27th during the Aseret Yemay Teshuva, how appropo, kinda. It is unclear if she'll be banging out any Teshuva referenced ballads, but soul-wrenching songs spanding the limits of imagination are guaranteed.

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