Celeb: Regina Spektor,  Where:  Central Park  When;  Shabbos 10/21 Spotted by Bangitout Reader:  Tzvi

His recap:

     So, visiting the UWS for Shabbos (10/21), a friend
says a great place to meet people Shabbos afternoon is
Central Park. We go to the park, sit there on a park
bench for two hours. Nothing. A Chasid in a long black
coat, little Yids in strollers, and a couple of pigeons with thick Yiddish accents.    Then, on the way out of the park, we run into
relaxing on a park bench, just 4 days after we saw her in concert.

We exchange hellos and she is pleasant, but unlike Tuesday night, Regina did not hum Hava Negila. Oh well, not bad for a Shabbos afternoon.  Tzvi

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