Rock Your Hanukkah Sweater this Holiday Season Get ready to celebrate in style. It's almost Ugly Christmas Sweater Party season, and the fashion world has finally designed some Hanukkah themed clothes to wear! There's no need to compromise on a snowman cardigan or boring nordic pullover. You can rock a Hanukkah sweater this season! Make your own if your crafty, or buy one from several ecommerce sites like My Ugly Christmas Sweater [link on text My Ugly Christmas Sweater: ] that have got on the Jewish bandwagon and produced just what you'll want for this year's holidays. [photo: ] [credit: My Ugly Christmas Sweater] There's no reason to wear someone's old Christmas sweater to your company holiday party. Hanukkah themed sweaters were slow to come to market, but they're here. And they're fabulous. Decorated with dreidels and menorahs, they're colorful and festive. Rock a dress with dangling ornaments and fringe and look like a boss. [Photo:] [credit: Photo: Phillip Chittwood, VT] When you really want to stand out from the Christmas crowd think 3D, and think dreidels. Lots of dreidels. Pin or sew them to anything