Over the past 40 years, SNL has had some truly memorable and hillarious characters. It was amazing to see some of them back at the reunion, but the truth is, the only reason you probably remember them all is that one time a year they all show up at your house  – for the Passover seder. We all have these characters that are in and around our lives, but they show up like a reunion show on Passover. And as we all say – Dayenu!

Here are some you might recall:

Dad who yells about assimilation, Obama and the slavery to your cellphones

Guy at seder who tells the most boring divrei torah, talks too slowly. Makes it painful.



Girl who ties everything slavery back to how sad her life is and provides too many details about her life

Yentas who have not stopped talking except to debate when they think the food will be served

Carlebachy Guy who as soon as he starts talking breaks into a song / niggun / dancing

Whatever the rhetorical or kids question is, these guys always answer immediately, incorrectly

Feeling when you find the Afikomen

Drunk Uncle who has had way more than 4 cups

Child who prepared a 10 minute show/dance/ ma nishtana about the plagues


People who really want to sing the Seder songs, but dont really remember the tunes


People who get too into the songs and just takeover the whole thing and dont let anyone else join

Guy who went away to a secular college and came back with a new look, facial hair and eyeliner