If Frozen hasn’t invaded every other part of y our life, why not add it to your seder? Here are a few of the Frozen songs for your kids to get into and go gaga over. These bad lyrics never never bothered you anyway.



Do you wanna steal the afikoman?
Come on lets go and play
You never steal it anymore, just set it on the floor, it’s like you’ve gone away

We used to be seder buddies and now were not I wish you would tell me why (this night is different from all others)
Do you wanna steal the afikoman?
It doesn’t have to be an afikoman

Elsa: Go away daddy
Anna: Okayy bye…

Do you wanna find an afikoman?
Or ride your bike around the halls?
I think frog songs are overdue
I’ve started talking to the grownups about matzo balls

Hang in there Dad

It’s gets a little lonely, all these empty seder seats
Just watching the kids say bye *tick tock tick tock*


Please, I know the matzah’s in there
People are asking where has it been?
They say have more matzah and I’m trying to
I’m leaning left for you, just let me in
We only have each other, it’s just you and me singing: Who Know One?
Do you wanna steal the afikomen?





The slaves plan to leave Egypt tonight, Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom to emancipation, And it looks like we are free.
Wild Animals howling like this hail storm inside
Couldn’t keep us in, heaven knows Pharoah tried
Don’t let them go, don’t let them see
Be the good slaves you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them go,
Well, now they know

Let them go, let them go
Can’t hold Jews back anymore
Let them go, let them go
Cast away and slam the door

I don’t care
What they’re going to say
Let the seder drag on,
The matzah never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the taskmasters that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all
It’s time to see what we can do
To drink 4 cups and say Dayenu
Lean right, no wrong, no marror for me….I’m free Let them go, let them go,
I am one with the frogs and lice,

Let them go, let them go
You’ll pour out wine to cry
Kiddush I stand, on this Passover day,
Let the seder drag on…the matzah never bothered me anyway