Seems like Mel Gibson is finally feeling guilty enough to…make a Holocaust film!. The kicker, its about a Dutch Jewish chick who is “saved” by her Christian boyfriend… I can’t wait for the Southpark take on this one… Either way, Mel probably has created the greatest moral dillema for Jews ever…To See or Not to See?…hahah. You’ve sworn off all Mel Gibson’s whackjob agenda flicks (unless it’s Loaded Weapon 5 or Braveheart part Deux “WALLACE, WALLACE!”) and didn’t Mel’s Dad deny the holocaust? …but hey, it’s a holocaust film..and you’ve also seen Schindler’s list every Tishabav for the last 10 years, it might be time for a change, no?

Either way people who responded to Mel Gibson’s anti semitic flick in order to get him to appreciate our religion deserve a bing high level hi-five. Abe Foxman, Frank Rich, Yitz Brilliant, our hats off to you.