Schlock Rock, the ultimate Jewifying Rock band of the 80s-90s,  recently released their new album called Shlock Rock No Limits.   It is a 12 song original album in English of more than 50 minutes of music.   Here's where this gets really cool:


Instead of the usual medium of buying the album at your local Judaica, itunes or Palgaz (aka Hocker Records), Shlock Rock is rocking to a new sales approach: ala that of Radiohead.


For this new album, you can download the entire album and pay whatever you like on (click on the button which says Pay What You Want and Download)  go for it!.



In 2007, Radiohead was one of the first major bands to take on this approach when they release their Album “In Rainbows”.


(It worked selling easily over 1.5 million records – but to mixed reviews by critics and industry money men.  In the first month of sales of the Radiohead album, the average price paid was $6 on a globalized basis but Americans were more generous, coughing up $8.05 – factor in the freeloaders, however, and it’s more like an average $2.26 on a worldwide basis and $3.23 from Americans. The most common amount offered was below $4, but 12 percent were willing to pay between $8 and $12, around the typical cost of an album from iTunes.)


Either way pay what you like, means just that and  this is a novel way for all of us closet Shlock Rock worshippers who have kept shlocking all these years, but really hadn't have the heart to pay for the full disc in the last decade.


So – kick kosher police style, and buy this record for whatever you'd like to shell out.




 and now for some random Shlock Rock Lyrics stuck in my head, feel free to add your own

  • Vnaseh vNishma, let's do all the mitzos – all night long!
  • Everyone knows it's RASHI
  • Oh can't you seeeee, OU it's gotta beeeee
  • Rock me Achashverosh!