The University of Sioux Falls is offering a credited course called “Finding Dates Worth Keeping” – a class on love. Dating 101 sounds like a good shidduch for the Jewish world. If we could just institute this as a required course  at YU, Stern, Touro, Queens, Landers, etc as well as a absolut mandatory for anyone who moves to the upper west side. 

Us kosher kids do well in academic settings, so why not bring dating into the beis medrash, since everyone is shmoozing about it anyway?

“Will being shomer be on the midterm? oy” ….. FYI, most the people I have dated will fail this course miserably.

Here is the article:

S. Dakota college offers lessons in love

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota (AP) — Even college students might need a lesson or two about dating.

Beginning in February, the University of Sioux Falls will offer a one-credit dating course called “Finding Dates Worth Keeping.”

Laurie Chaplin, a relationships counselor and licensed therapist who's been married 28 years, will be the instructor.

The course is being offered through the USF Learning Institute, the same agency that offers seminars on wellness, job hunting and business communication.

“Some people may think it's a slack course, but I think they'll come out with something that changes their lives,” Chaplin said. “We go to college and get an education. But our love relationships impact us more than anything else.”

Today's young adults are “working harder to get smarter about their mates” and want lifelong relationships, she said.

In class they'll learn about infatuation and when it's best to break up.

“Sometimes it's much more loving and smart to break up,” she said.