By Shlomie Lederstein
(To the tune of Mama Mia! By ABBA)
I've been waiting so long, and I know why
Cause I've not yet met the right guy
Look at me now, I'm not so young
I don't know why, I'm in this fish bowl
There's no fire within my soul
Just one more date, I can hear that bell ring
Maybe my bashert, that'll make my heart sing
Mama Mia, here I go again
Oy Vay, I'm gonna kill that Shadchan
Mama Mia, can't find my man
Every one's, just a has been
Yes, I know he's out there
But this guy's got no hair
Oy Vay, why did I agree to go
Mama Mia, now I really know
Oy Vay, how could I sink this low!
I've was dating so long, what could I do?
I couldn't seem to find, a man a good Jew
But then I met, my bashert
After going out, with so many men
I thank you Hashem, again & again
I can hear the wedding bells ring
My soul mate, makes my heart sing
Mama Mia, I'm a Kallah now
My my, now I can really grin
Mama Mia, is my face aglow
My my, I can't resist him
Yes, I was brokenhearted
But now I won't be parted
My Choson, I won't let him go
Mama Mia, him I do adore
But what's up with my mother-in-law?