Roxette song for Lag Bomer anyone?

Have you ever watched one of these cheesy Jewish Holiday acapella videos and wanted to hide, convert, and singalong all at once?

This one is for you.  Happy Lag Baomer from



Lag Baomer Satire Based on  “It Must Have Been Love”
By Roxette

Per Gessle
Clarence Öfwerman

Our Version
Performed and Recorded By
Avi Katz
Avrumi Guttman
Avi Schachter
Mo Bauman

Seth Galena
Isaac Galena
Avi Katz
Avrumi Guttman
Avi Schachter
Jordan Hiller

With Special Thanks To
Scott Gartenberg
Charlie Harary
Michael Mosberg
Helen Friedman
Alex Libkind
Jonathan Kirschner
Yanki Mihkli
The Red Lion
David’s Hairstyling

Written and Directed By
Jordan Hiller