Leave it to HEEB magazine to take another 100% secular concept, in this instance a pin-up calendar, and bodyslam it,  literally bodies goy-lore, into a Jewish hipster's dream, like only Heebraic (i like callin HEEB that) magazine can. Guest editor Brett Ratner helped:

“We need something with Israeli supermodels,” he said. “We should do a swimsuit calendar. And we can hold private auditions right here!”

How about a Jewish Swimsuit Edition? No prob, Let's Heeb it. Ladies and Gentlemen, but more the gentlemen, take a look and buy a copy of the new HEEB edition that includes a pull-out Jewish swimsuit callendar.

I was in Italy recently and outside the Vatican they were selling a Preist of the Month calendar – a pinup of 12 hot preists that I thought was pretty much the funniest, gayist and most disturbing calendar i'd ever seen. (I bought 10). But if people buy calendars of those they worship then why not a Jewish calendar. I mean we had rabbi cards? So why not a rabbi calendar? hmmm…could lead to fagele's. 

So getting down to tachlis: if people are going to um, pleasure themselves, might as well be to someone Jewish, No? Talk halachic prohibitions or drool amongst yourselves… HEEB is having a party in NYC tonight to launch their new edition: You should go, maybe some models will show: http://www.bangitout.com/events/viewev.php?a=785