Now you can become a Jedi Dreidel Master!

In this Star Wars variation, the dreidel and the droid R2-D2 combine to make Droidel! 

Use the force, and follow these instructions to construct your very own paper Droidel. also has instructions to play dreidel here

[ Click to print PDF ] How To Make a Paper Droidel:

1. Print out the Droidel PDF and glue it to a thin piece of cardstock or cardboard like from a cereal box

2. Once the glue is dry, have an adult carefully cut it out along the edges (including the flaps). Also cut out R2-D2's circle dome.

3. Carefully cut out the circle. This is where the small pencil or a straw will go — so you can spin the dreidel like a top.

4. Fold along the lines on the inside, then glue or tape where the flaps tell you. Do the top part last.

5. Fold the top extra R2-D2 circle top into a wide cone and place on top of the dreidel with glue or tape. Make sure the holes line up.

6. Then stick in a small pencil or a straw through the holes you cut at the top.

7. Now you're read to play!

Here is what the finished product looks like: