A.C.O.D. stands for “Adult Children of Divorce” a subset of America who used to be the exception and are now the rule, as 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce. ACOD is about Carter, played by the great Adam Scott, who has spent his entire life being the middleman between his two divorced parents.  Carter seemingly has his life together, he has a great job and a girlfriend of four years.Upon learning that his younger brother just got engaged to a girlfriend of four months, Carter is thrown back into his familiar role as the go-between. While attempting to get his parents in the same room, Carter seeks out the help from his childhood therapist.  Having not seen this therapist Dr. Judith, played by the hilarious Jane Lynch, since the horrific divorce of his parents on his 9th birthday, Carter is thrown into the past he spent his entire adult life trying to avoid. Dr. Judith has the unfortunate task of telling Carter that she was not, in fact, a therapist, but a researcher studying the effects of divorce on children and was the author of her best-selling book in the subject, which featured Carter amongst several other children.  Carter must acknowledge yet another betrayal from his parents and it is within this vulnerable state that Dr. Judith convinces Carter to be apart of the sequel to her book, Adult Children of Divorce. With a somewhat heavy topic of divorce, this film is magically hilarious. Carter's parents, played by the great Catherine O'Hara and Richard Jenkins, are quite possibly the funniest duo to offset the straight man, Carter. Watching this lovable modern family come to grips with the facts of love and marriage and their necessary evils is refreshing and poignant. With so many adult children of divorce out there with so many fears of marriage, this film reminds you that living in fear isn't living and most importantly, you need to laugh through it all.