Touchy Feely, written and directed by Lynn Shelton, follows a massage therapist played by Rosemarie Dewitt who suddenly is no longer able to practice her craft. Because of this,  she begins to question herself and the choices she is currently making.

Meanwhile her brother, played by Josh Pais with beautiful comedic timing, has seen a burst in new clients at his dental practice after unknowingly curing a new patient’s TMJ.

Word of mouth travels and the usual vacant dental office now have an overflow of new patients. Thus it seems that somehow the healing has transferred from sister to brother.

Allison Janney plays Reiki mentor to both siblings guiding them through their healing professions. Ellen Page plays Josh Pais’ daughter struggling with whether or not to continue along the mundane life of assisting her father or heading off to college to pursue her own dreams.

 The music in the film is like entering a massage parlor, creating an aura of energy that the characters are struggling to maintain. Which in turn sets a soft tone for the audience from the beginning but unfortunately the movie is like lying on the massage table listening to the music and feeling relaxed but never actually getting the massage.