Super Size Me made me happy – happy to know that McDonalds is not part of my diet.  The same may be true for Morgan Spurlock, the film's star and director.  Super Size Me won Best Director at this year's Sundance Film Festival and is currently being shown at theatres throughout the country.  Although probably not in as many theatres as there are McDonalds in this world.

After learning of the two teenagers who were suing McDonalds for making them fat, Spurlock decided to embark on a journey – to eat only McDonalds food for one month.  If it wasn't on their menu, it wasn't entering his mouth.  Three meals a day, only bought from the golden arches.  The other self-afflicted catch was that he had to eat everything on their menu at least once.  Oh yeah, one more thing, Spurlock had to super size his order if asked.

Spurlock checked in with three different doctors who would track his health for the month; and so he began his voyage as a healthy man.  He ate his Alast supper@, cooked by his girlfriend, a vegan chef (oh, the irony), and the next morning it was off to good ol' McyDees.

Super Size Me documents each and every day of this cruel yet somehow intriguing journey.  Watching Spurlock consume food that many Americans, yet hardly not enough, would never purchase, day in and day out, and describe his meals and feelings was definitely stimulating.  But to keep us captivated, we are shown many disturbing and surprising facts about our society and country and its unsettled food and obesity dilemma. We learn about the unhealthy food served in our country's public schools, that Spurlock's doctors wanted him to quit this diet due to his seriously deteriorating health, what different experts have to say about all of this and simply other shocking facts about our sad, fat, and partly obese country. 

At one point, Spurlock slowly flashes cards of different Afamiliar, well-known@ faces to young children.  They all recognized Ronald McDonald as the guy Awho makes you laugh@ and Aserves food to people on TV@, yet none of them knew who the guy was with the beard, you know, that religious figureYJesus.

Is it appropriate to say here that the proof is in the Big Mac?

McDonalds definitely knows how to brand its name well and attract costumers who are willing to consume.  With its commercials, enclosed playgrounds, cheap meals and super size option, the golden arches across the world are succeeding.  The astounding number of McDonalds establishments is proof enough.  But is it a healthy success?  It must depend on whom you ask.  Do you think the fattest city in America is the happiest?  Well, it should be; those people in the McDonalds commercials always look so healthy, happy and fit!

The fat inducing establishment must be doing something right.  Spurlock was able to star in and direct an entire film based on this fast food phenomenon, which has swept much of the world.