The NY POST ran a story yesterday about this new book claiming Superman is actually “Jewish”.  Written by the “COMIC BOOK REBBE” – rabbi simcha weinstein – (THE NEXT CELEBOVITCHER?)  the book brings a whole load of proofs of Superman’s jewy nature. Certainly creators Jerry Seigel and Joel Schuster had this in mind when they created the character in the late 1930s (this is old news for Cavalier&Clayers)  Although This SITE goes into spooky detail that the movie  Superman was based on JESUS! eek.

Anyhoo,  I buy Rabbi Weinstein’s claim about Clark Kent. He IS totally my Jewish reliable WoodyAllen unfunny accountant… good with the facts, a putz with the ladies.  Superman, though, still seems more like my goyish kickass Police officer/Fireman. I have the utmost repsect for the dude, and believe he is 100% saving the world – but he does something I’d never wanna do myself…In short Clark Kent Jewish – Superman Goyish. Which reminds me of THIS ARTICLE on jewish and goyish we wrote back in 2001 – I made the claim that “Batman was Jewish and Robin was goyish.”  Hamayvin Yavin.