10 When that Dayanu song begins, so does the musical chairs game
9. Each time the word "Egypt" is mentioned you and grandma do a shot of Manishevitz
8. Following every long paragraph, you break in to a quick stanza of "ONE IS HASHEM!"
7. When someone asks a question, you answer with a Magic Eight Ball
6. Bnei Brak Learning paragraph is a good time for a spontaneous Lionel Ritchie "All Night Long" sing along!
5. Demand Latkas
4. Go around the table and have each relative say which one of the 4 SONS they were most like when they were kids   (T.M.I?)
3. Sing Britney Spears' "Slave for you" at any point during the seder  (talk about g'nus!)
2. Instead of hiding the afikomen, you eat it.
1 The obvious: Walk like an Egyptian