Virtually every shul these days has a Shul Group list on either Yahoo or Google…

The most popular being 5 Town Shuls (21,000 members) and Teaneck Shuls (11,000 members) – these group ramp up to 800 messages a day – most of them being something like “Anyone offer a ride from Teaneck to Englewood?” or “Can anyone recommend a good Mohel? (aside from Pesach Krohn!)” or selling random goods like “25 Uncle Moishe Cassettes for Sale!”

But some of the posts are the most outrageous requests in the history of Jews asking Jews for anything….such as

  • Desperately seeking to borrow a sheitel for a job interview
  • Need someone to take my kids to a movie for me (I'm that frum)
  • Need a sefer in Portugese about Hilchot Nidah NOW!
  • Need the Mesorah tests for YU Bible will pay cash!

This website  started recently gathering the very best of Shul List posts. 

I guarantee it will be hysterical.

Send in your favorites here achshav – (anonymous ofcourse)