As the world modernizes, it helps to stay on top of all halachic development…

Many years ago, in a far away country, there was a well-known rabbi who was consulted on all sorts of matters relating to the Jewish people. His wisecounsel was sought from people of all walks of life, and the community at large accepted his decisions, as they understood that his rulings and pronouncements were divinely inspired.
So when one time he met with some parents of his
students, and a few mothers complained that their children were not making their beds, he assured them that he would deal with the matter.. That week, in his public address to his students, he mentioned that the
students should always make sure to make their beds in
the morning. When the person transcribing the speech wrote up his review of the talk, he made sure to emphasize the rabbi's intention. He wrote, “The Rosh Yeshiva today ruled that one is m'chuyav to make his bed in the morning.” Word spread fast. The halacha had been established: One was obligated to make their bed.

Later that day, someone came to the Rosh Yeshiva and asked, “I don't have time to make my bed before I go to davening. By the time I get back my mother is gone for the day so she doesn't think I make my bed, and isn't pleased. What should I do?” After hearing the answer that was given, the halacha was suitably amended to say that the bed should be made as soon as one gets up. “One is m'chuyav to make his bed in the morning, as soon as he gets up.”

The next day, he was approached by a bochur that wanted to know, “When you said 'as soon as he gets up', do you mean immediately – right when one steps out of the bed – or is one allowed some time first?