“A new breed of Buddhism is growing in the United States that is being fueled by believers in Judaism, who are known as JuBus, a report said Tuesday.”  What report exactly is this?  Either way the fact that 30% of Buddhists in the US are Jewish converts is quite alarming – although we at bangitout think it’s safe to conclude the following theory on this report:

Whatever the
Beastie Boys do, the rest of the Jewish People follow… only about ten years later.

This Jew to Buddhism thing is so Beasties 1997  But heck, look at it this way If this theory holds up – in 2016, you’ll see the whole gang of these JUBUs suddenly coming back to thier roots and  embracing the “funky–ass Jew.” 
Ahhhhhhh yes indeed thatll be fun times
tibet beastie                   10 years —>